<Surfingkeys> 設定。




// Nekoyuki
unmap('sr');     // Reset Settings
unmap('ss');     // Search selected with stackoverflow
unmap('ob');     // Open Search with alias b
unmap('ow');     // Open Search with alias w
unmap('sb');     // Search selected with baidu
unmap('sw');     // Search selected with bing
unmap('sob');    // Search selected only in this site with baidu
unmap('sow');    // Search selected only in this site with bing
unmap(';j');     // Close Downloads Shelf
unmap(';q');     // Insert jquery library on current page
unmap('se');     // Edit Settings
unmap('sr');     // Reset Settings

map('?', 'u');
map('gt', 'R');  // Go one tab right
map('gT', 'E');  // Go one tab left
map('ss', 'S');  // Go back in history
map('sd', 'D');  // Go down/forward in history
map('st', 'T');  // Choose a tab
map('ou', 't');  // Open an URLs
map('E', 'e');  // Scroll a page up
map('D', 'd');  // Scroll a page down
map('sc', 'x');  // Close a tab

addSearchAliasX('a', 'alc', 'http://eowf.alc.co.jp/search?q=', 's', function(response) {
    var res = eval(response.text);